Friday, March 16, 2001

hey y'alls

i'm in my art class again....someone was using the comp I'm on right now for blogger too...oddd...enh, whatev

anyways, we're working on this scrarchboard project and i had the sense to choose this INSANE picture...i'm screwed BB (beyond Belief)


i'm wearing a green shirt
and i'm working on a green iMac

go fig

some guy has the TV turned on BET...ew....i can't listen to rap ('cept for some old skool and Trip Hop)

Glue --- do you like it?

LOOK! birds! planes! anger! punctuation!

stop'll only lead to AIDS (heheh)

AG! i'm soooooooooo tired!

ok, byebyes
jeff (yes, i actually need to sign every post...if you hate it, i don't care

Sunday, March 11, 2001

i got stevia!!!
for those that don't know, stevia is a sweetener extracted from the stevia plant, which grows natively in south america. stevia extract is 300 times (yes 300) sweeter than sugar, but it does not contain any sugar, and thus does not have any calories. also, it supresses tooth decay, encourages weight loss, helps regulate blood pressure, and is believed to help skin disorders (acne, eczema, etc), as well as calm mood swings and treat bronchitis, asthma, et cetera

I RULES MY ASS@!!!!!! last post got corrupted and it won't let me fix it up :*(

tis all

NP - Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning - Hallucination's Nu-Wave Batcave Mix

Thursday, March 08, 2001


y'all've probably noticed i haven't been writing much with it! i've been busy with school (4 projects and an essay all due in 3 days! yay!).....blah.....anyways, i might be writing more in a week or so....



i want a moog...or even a minimoog...GOD i love the way they sound....all nice and bassy and whatnot....

Scratchie Records Online <---this is an awesome record label...check 'em out...they have Fulflej, Fountains Of Wayne, Chainsaw Kittens, Dan Bryk, Ezster Balint, The Frogs, and a TON of other great artists....and to top it all off, it's co-owned by James Iha and D'Arcy, formerly of posted by Jeffrey at

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

hey y'all

decided to write here since i haven't touched the blog in a while....

it's tuesday and i'm at's closed because of ice and snow....c'mon y'all, lets hear it for Gaia! WHOOO! go Gaia!

blah....i'm sick of typing


Wednesday, February 28, 2001

i'm having soup again...soup is's not evil

so by now, i have established that i am incredibly boring

go me

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

i'm having soup right now, which reminds me that i have to get that blind melon CD some time

Monday, February 26, 2001

blah...i keep on posting! anyways, i've finished my essay, if you actually cared...and if you did, i'm worried about you

cheers, ta!
yay! i had to repost my first message a million times...alright...gotta go now...parents are getting on me....grrrrrr
Hola gente actually, want to know about my life? i guess that makes you a freak. i love you....

i'm a high school sophomore, i have (maybe) 2 friends in the entire school...i live in South Brunswick NJ, which is quite dull. I am obsessed with Canada -- i must move to Montreal...i am also a big fan of The Smashing Pumpkins (if you hate thyem, you officially suck...heheh, just kidding...blah), fonts/typography (enh).....and a bunch of other junk nobody ever notices...

i love the alphabet....aside from making fonts, i can recite the 'bet fowards and backwards without stops or hesitation...

i currently speak English (a mix of the stupid perverted American version mixed with the REAL version), Chinese (Mandarin..i'm pretty fluent, but i'm practically illiterate...oh well), and Spanish (mostly the mexican dialect, but with some Puerto Rican, Argentinian, and Castilian mixed in....i've been studying for 3 years, and i would consider myself semi-fluent)....i also have my own personal language that few people understand

I am a Witch and proud of it....just so you know.....blah....that sounded so stupid...whatever

I'm an anarchist....i can't deal with the evil guy in the oval office (i love the word evil)...i'm too liberal, i guess. i have a very live-and-let-live outlook on life, so, although i think abortion is a tad bit wrong, i will not let that interfere with my belief in a womyn's right to choose. I personally think lesbians and gays are great people and should not have to go thru all the shite people force upon them...same thing goes for non-Caucasians....and pretty much anyone everybody, for love is the force that can conquer all (that's prolly some bad unconscious attempt to recite poetry...screw it)



uhh....guess that's all for now....i have to go and work on a HUGE essay for my evil history class


jeff (aka Mary Queen of Scots, aka Gloria Estefan, aka Naomi Wretzky, aka Brian Yoshinobu Gore, aka Aaaron, aka Phreakboy, aka Cheezy Creme)
blah...technical difficulties are BAD
hey again y'all....seem to be having a bit o' teknkal difikulteze with the blogger junk...just sending out a test thang